Philanthropy - SO Important

Philanthropy - SO Important

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Synergies of Philanthropy

By Megan Powers

What an interesting time it is to be working in philanthropy – to get behind a tremendous philanthropic effort. 

My philanthropic spirit got started early, having been involved with the “Dance-A-Thon” at my church for several years, before finally chairing the event in 7th grade. Raising money for “Jerry’s Kids” was an annual thing and one we fully supported, despite the fact that we didn't know anyone who needed to benefit from their research or services. 

Remember those days when people would sponsor you by the hour or by the mile for a walk-a-thon? I felt like it was something I was supposed to do—it was intrinsic to who I was. It’s still who I am today, only now I have different reasons for supporting the charities I support. 

I may work for a charity, but my situation is unique. I was already a volunteer fundraiser for Vision of Children and other vision-related organizations before coming to work here. This isn't because anyone in my life has a vision issue, but because of Delta Gamma. “Service for Sight” is DG's chosen philanthropy, and as I've continued to be involved as an alumna, I have continued to support it. It's through my volunteer work with DG that I was fundraising for VOC and met the founders, Sam and Vivian Hardage. It turns out they also support something else that’s important to me. 
Andria Kinnear, VOC's ED (on left), and I
walked in honor of Vivian in 2012
My greatest passion outside of vision is the fight against breast cancer. Since 2006 I've been one of the top fundraisers (a “Pacesetter”) for American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk in San Diego. In seven years (and counting) I've raised around $25,000. And, while it took some effort, it wasn't hard. What’s hard, is having to battle the disease three times. 

Vivian has battled breast cancer three times and is winning the fight because of tremendous strides that have been made in research. And now, at work, I have the opportunity to not only fundraise for Vision of Children, but also for American Cancer Society. 

The Vision of Children Foundation is holding a fundraiser on December 9th that will benefit our organization AND American Cancer Society. This special event is called “Visions of Success – From Research to Reality,” and will be a Holiday High Tea, held at The Grand Del Mar. The keynote speaker will be Ann Romney – Ann is a breast cancer survivor, health advocate, and dedicated supporter of vision health. She will address the critical need for medical research to cure breast cancer and genetic vision diseases. 

Synergy has become an "office buzzword," but sometimes there is no better word that applies.

These are my philanthropies that will be joined together—a beautiful synergy. What is your philanthropy? What have you—or will you—dedicate yourself to that’s bigger than yourself?

Megan Powers, VOC Director of Development & Communications

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