Philanthropy - SO Important

Philanthropy - SO Important

Thursday, August 15, 2013

I Think I Can, I Think I Can

Kelley on vacation in South Dakota
By Kelley Burr

There's at least one time in our lives that we are told we won't be able to do something. For instance, I recall hearing, “Kelley, if you jump off that couch you will not fly.” Of course, I completely ignored that statement and after a few stellar bruises, realized that gravity was one thing that will never change. Although my multiple attempts at flying failed, my determination never wavered. 

After learning that their child has a visual disorder, families are usually faced with the words “most likely your child will not…” Although frightening, these words are not a statement of fact. Witnessing the accomplishments that so many kids have made with visual impairments is inspiring. They are playing sports, driving cars, and becoming successful adults. Surpassing all odds, they are pursuing their dreams and succeeding. Rather than suffering from visual impairments, they are living with it! 

These children and their families are what inspire The Vision of Children Foundation to continue to pursue their goal of finding a cure for hereditary childhood blindness and vision disorders. We are determined to fix this problem so that children will never have to hear that they cannot do something because of their vision disorder. 

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines determination as a “firm or fixed intention to achieve a desired end.” Hold on to that determination and you might be surprised at what you will accomplish! 

-VOC Summer Intern, Kelley, is an undergraduate at the University of Northern Colorado, studying Recreation, Tourism, and Hospitality. She has headed back to CO for her last year of college and will be missed at VOC!

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